CAWD-419 | "My Father-In-Law's Purpose Is Me..." A Stalker Becomes Her Mother's New Marriage Partner... Realizing That She Can't Run Away Anymore, 'Azusa' Accepts Her Father-In-Law Out Of Fear, And Has Creampie Sex Many Times... Shinonome Azusa

CAWD-419 |
Label: kawaii
Director: Monchan
Studio: kawaii

If I Endure...If My Father-In-Law Holds Me, Can My Beloved Mother Be Happy? Her mother remarried to her junior high school homeroom teacher. Over the course of three years, what my father-in-law really wanted was not the affection from her mother or a home, but my body. "You don't want to make me sad, do you understand?" As soon as we were alone, I was attacked by force and impregnated. Creampie... I was crying while my mother was sleeping. I definitely can't say...


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