IPX-938 | "Shall we take a break at the hotel?" I passed out at the welcome party for new employees, but the receptionist of the company took me home and squeezed my sperm out until morning. Airi Kijima

IPX-938 |
Label: Dish
Director: Bungo Maeda
Studio: Idea Pocket

Nuki squeezed 8 shots in one night... A story that was taken home by the receptionist of the company. This woman is perfect. This is a one-night affair... Staying with a beautiful receptionist who was a flower of Takamine! ? The receptionist who called out to me when I was drunk... "Shall we take a break somewhere?" A woman who eats and fishes. The beautiful receptionist was sexually unfaithful. She continued to be attacked even if she slept or woken up ... Thoroughly squeezed sperm ... "Kijima", it's impossible anymore! !


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