EBOD-944 | "She Looks Neat And Clean, But Actually She's Dirty" Fluffy Hcup Chihana Takahata AV Debut There's Too Much Gap Between Appearance And SEX

EBOD-944 |
Label: E-BODY
Director: TAKE-D
Studio: E-BODY

Although it looks neat and clean, the contents are extremely dirty and excavate a perverted talent! Chihana Takahata, who came to Tokyo from Okayama for shooting, has a hobby of going to a tavern 3 or 4 times a week and loves SEX so much that if there is a good man, she will have sex! This time, it seems that he decided to appear because he was interested in the technique of the AV actor. Hcup boobs that seem soft if you take them off! Both the body and the tech showed me an erotic appearance!


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