URE-095 | Cumulative over 30,000 DL! ! The "ideal female boss" who became a hot topic on a certain SNS is live-action in Madonna! ! Original work, IV VA SHIN Seniors at work Reproduce obscene SEX scenes that could not be published on SNS! ! In addition, live-action original in-house FUCK is also specially recorded! ! Kimizuka Hinata

URE-095 | Cumulative over 30,000 DL! ! The
Label: Ure Comi

Over 30,000 DL! The original work that became a hot topic on SNS: IV VA SHIN "Workplace Senpai" is now live-action! ! Asami Senda (Kimizuka), my educator and her longing senior. Many people were looking for her seniors because of her talent and affability. One day, such a senior invites me after a drinking party. Her first SEX situation, which was limited to doujinshi and could not be drawn on SNS, is also reproduced! In addition, live-action original episodes are also included! Please fully enjoy the sweet and flirtatious dream development with the longing female boss!


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