SONE-223 | Newcomer NO.1STYLE Haru Kuraki AV debut "Please look at all of my 22 years and sex"

SONE-223 | Newcomer NO.1STYLE Haru Kuraki AV debut
Studio: S1 NO.1 STYLE

Haru Kuraki, 22 years old. She is beautiful and cute, with a beautiful face that has two sides: an adult and a girl, but from what I've heard, her life was pretty normal. She just decided to shoot her AV debut and when she listened to various stories, she realized that there were many fascinating things that happened to her. -She was interested in makeup from her school days, enrolled in a beauty school, and spent her youth with her friends.She became interested in sex from an early age and was quite active in erotic things...That's right, there is no such thing as a normal child. She was full of original charm and sparkle as if she had a unique personality when she chose the profession of AV actress. She is 168 cm tall and fashionable enough to dress like a model.She took off her casual clothes and showed off her naked body in front of the camera. You are so beautiful when you expose everything, your nudes, your sex, your life. By the way, she is super sensitive and tends to cum easily. *The opening video of the main story will be released for a limited time on the manufacturer's SNS.


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